Frequently Asked Questions

All player reports should be submitted using the the in-game F7 system first.
We do not accept reports via DMs or outside of our ticketing system. These will be ignored.

Reports are reviewed regularly and updates are not provided while a report is being investigated.

We are an Official Rust server group. Administrators do not play on the servers or interfere with gameplay in any way.

Every Rust server is set to save at a certain interval, generally every 10 minutes.
If a server crashes unexpectedly it will revert to the last save point.

Unfortunately, though we understand this is frustrating, we are not able to spawn in or replace any items lost.
This would be unfair to other players who also potentially lost items.

We are not able to intervene in gameplay in any way or interrupt the natural flow of gameplay.
We cannot help fix any building mistakes and issues either.

You can report bugs via F7.

This is a known consequence of either of these actions taking place.
We are unfortunately not able to reimburse any items lost from a crafting queue to ensure fairness to all players.

While we have all felt the pain of an issue causing items to be lost we cannot for any reason intentionally rollback our servers.

Sleeping and/or disconnecting in Outpost will cause you to be killed by the NPCs after 20 minutes.
This has been a native Rust feature for years, and staff cannot assist with any lost items.

It is common that your death screen will show your previous death when you log back in.

Commit #52375

All abuse reports are taken seriously when we receive them. However, not everything that you may find offensive is something that we can take moderation action against. Most chat based reports are low priority for us compared to our cheating investigations.

We would suggest you mute players locally in game be either clicking on their name in chat or pulling them up in the contacts tab and muting them from there.

This will not moderate them for everyone, but it removes them from your game experience and gives us time to review things further.

All Rustopia Official servers are uncapped and do not have team limits.

Our Team UI limits (the green dot) can be found in our Discord for each server type.

If you are being kicked with this message you are in a region that is not permitted on Rustopia servers.

We do not offer whitelisting for this kick reason.